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Never worry about subpar linking that ruins your website ever again.
Strengthen your site structure through relevant & precise internal linking.

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Here’s the major problem with internal linking:

Most tools rely on simplistic rules that look at keywords instead of overall context and relationships. The result?

You get garbage internal links that break your website

Your visitors run away from your website, never to return

Search engines rank your website on page 50

The LinkVector Brain meets the level of sophistication required for immaculate internal linking

The complications of internal linking call for an advanced level of technology. Most tools fail to meet this level by taking shortcuts and relying on simple keyword matching.

LinkVector takes a smarter approach. We’ve built a proprietary technology that goes beyond the surface, ensuring internal links are not only accurate but also natural and user-friendly.

At LinkVector, we do internal linking the way it’s supposed to be done

While Other Tools…


Suggest nonsensical, irrelevant, and spammy linksGives you relevant links with natural placements.
Use unnatural and low-quality anchor texts with no flexibility to be modified.Uses descriptive & context-matching anchor texts optimized for users and SEO.
Refuse to insert the links for you so you have to do it manually.Inserts the internal links for you so you don’t have to.
Don’t help you do linking in bulk, so you waste hours doing it one by one.Performs bulk internal linking, saving you time and effort.
Work for WordPress websites only.Works for ANY website and any CMS.
Don’t show you how your pages are connected visually.Shows how all your pages are connected visually.
Shows how all your pages are connected visually.Wastes no time and immediately tells you where to start.

LinkVector has everything you need  to do internal linking the right way

Link Actions

Link Insights

Link Utilities

Link ActionsTM

Ensure your website’s in healthy condition by optimizing 18 link and page items

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Ensure Relevant Links & Natural Placements

  • Ensure page-to-page relevancy
  • Remove links to low-quality content
  • Utilize deep linking opportunities
  • Avoid excessive linking by optimizing link density
  • Avoid link stuffing through link diversity
  • Eliminate repeated and clustered links

Use Accurate Anchor Text

  • Modify or replace anchor text to ensure relevance to target pages
  • Ensure proper count for various anchor text types
  • Fix problematic (generic, lengthy, empty, unnatural) anchor texts
  • Ensure accurate usage of anchor text (type and relevancy to content)
  • Ensure relevancy between anchor text and link title/headings

Maximize Page Connections & Crawlability

  • Optimize link density and distribution
  • Identify and make non-indexable pages indexable
  • Resolve orphan pages
  • Resolve content without links
  • Optimize crawl depth to maximize content discovery by search engines

Optimize Technical SEO

  • Address load speed based on Google Lighthouse
  • Establish secure connections through HTTPS
  • Fix broken links
  • Eliminate redirect chains
  • Remove or optimize irrelevant pages
  • Remove duplicated links

“Figuring out my next move when doing internal linking is hard work. I got clueless about my starting point, so my strategies were messy. LinkVector changed all that. The insights I got fixed problems and showed me what needed to be done next.”

Jay McTighe

Link Insights

Know what to prioritize and where to start

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  • Monitor your website’s link health score based on page issues
  • Discover your most and least important pages
  • See the distribution of status code pages, internal vs external links, anchor text types, and more

LinkVector doesn’t just fix problems, it gives me value. Being able to view insights on page importance has truly helped me improve my internal linking strategy. No more wasted efforts.

Jessica Okafor

Link Utilities

Simplify and speed up complex task

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  • Add relevant internal links based on intelligent suggestions
  • Set up auto-linking rules for existing and future content
  • Perform bulk search and replace links and anchor texts

I’m never going back to manual internal linking. I used to spend HOURS but LinkVector handled everything in only a few clicks. It doesn’t sacrifice link quality for speed. I can even pre-set my preferences for future content! 

Chris Donnelly

How the LinkVector Brain Works

1. Analyze & Understand

LinkVector performs a deep analysis of your website through advanced NLP, LLM, and Big Data technology to grasp the big picture.

This includes analyzing your pages’ keywords, entities, structures, and relationships.

2. Identify & Fix

LinkVector cross-checks your website for 18 vital internal linking requirements.

These requirements are based on hundreds of community feedback and Google guidelines for best user experience and SEO performance.

3. Suggest & Link

LinkVector suggests linking actions based on Google’s requirements, avoiding pitfalls like link stuffing and link spam.

While inserting your links, LinkVector emphasizes over 15 best practices, including relevancy, naturalness, and strategic placement.

What beta testers say about LinkVector

“LinkVector saved my website from a huge disaster. The other tool I used broke my website with nonsensical links, and my rankings took a dive. It’s recovered now, thanks to LinkVector.”

Jacob Hayes

“My website used to be an impossible mess of 1000 pages with zero internal links. After using LinkVector, all my pages are connected seamlessly.”

William Gardner

“I’ve tried all the tools out there, and they all gave me irrelevant, garbage suggestions. LinkVector does internal linking similar to how a human would do it but at a fraction of the time and effort. ”

Amy Murray

Have a website? LinkVector’s made for you.

Website Owners

Interlink all your pages for a smooth website navigation and user experience.


Boost your client’s rankings with optimized internal linking.

Content Writers

Take the guesswork out of internal linking and ensure your content is well-connected.


Bring tangible results to your clients and take on even more projects.

Will LinkVector work for my website? I don’t use WordPress.

LinkVector supports all websites for analysis, optimization, and issue-fixing suggestions. However, to enable direct application of changes, you will need to integrate your CMS with LinkVector. As long as your CMS has an API, integration should not be a problem.

Ready for easy, fast, and precise internal linking?

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